First and foremost, let me assure you that Blindbox lives.

I pulled down all of the serialized chapters a while back because I knew that the first two acts–while finished–were in need of heavy rewrites prior to undertaking the writing of the third and final act.  There would have been little point in continuing to build a house on a foundation that hadn’t been laid properly, so I decided to start fresh.

Since then, I’ve been working on act one, and I’ve recently finished my rewrites.  For those keeping track of such things, I scrapped roughly 50 pages and then wrote an additional 50  pages of new material.

Here are a few of the major changes:

NO MORE NICOLE.  Though she hasn’t been removed altogether–she’s still the driving force behind the entire book–, she is no longer the focus of any chapter.  I found that her sections of the book were my least favorites, if only because her perspective is so alien.  Better to have her retain some mystery.

BRADLEY IS NOW A WOMAN.  I still wanted to feature a strong female lead, and Bradley turned out to be it.  I hope you dig her as much as I do because she’s jumped into act one and become a big part of the story.

MORE OWEN.  Any Nicole chapters that were rewritten instead of being tossed became Owen chapters.  This, despite the fact that my original intentions never had Brinkman of Brinkman Pets leaving his store.

The second act is underway now, and I’ve got all kinds of changes in mind here as well.  Here are a couple.

MORE ANNIE.  I disliked the idea of having this character enter our story for such a brief period of time only to be abandoned when Andrew is called away, so expect to see more of her skewed look at the world coming up.

MORE COMFORT.  I’m not an idiot.  I know that my villain has wound up becoming everyone’s favorite conflicted character thus far, so we’ll see even more internal struggle from him as things progress.

MORE OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS.  Many thanks to all the folks who read along as I serialized the first two acts and called me out on things when my characters didn’t act like themselves or weren’t as smart as I’d led you to believe they were.  Lots of the changes I’ve made have been directly taken from comments you’ve left on the site or given me in person.

In regard to future publication of Blindbox, I am finished with putting it on the website.  Ultimately, my goal is to finish it and go the traditional route of publication.  Though I myself mostly read e-books now, that doesn’t mean I’m any less determined to see this thing in print.

That having been said, if you would like to read the rewritten version of act one–about 185 pages–, feel free to send me an email at  Please include your preferred format, whether it be PDF or Word Document, and I’ll send it your way.  Thanks.